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Sparkling, clean, spotless floors are a pleasant sight. Be it any business, if your floor is clean, it will leave the impression of being well-maintained properly and consistently. Not only does it leave a positive image on clients and customers, but it can also give your business a much-needed boost. However, keeping the floor clean is not an easy task. Also, it is not a one-day effort. It needs to be done multiple times, every day. It is an ongoing process. Hiring the right floor cleaning services can be your key to have sparkling and clean floors. Even if you have an in-house team to clean the office or any other commercial space, partnering with the right floor cleaning and polishing services can make a big difference to the hygiene and cleaning efforts.

Need for Professional Floor Polishing Services

At Shine Glow, we offer professional floor polishing services in Gurgaon and the adjoining areas. Granite, marble, Kota, and other floors lose their shine and luster with time. Granite and Kota floors become dull with time and need proper cleaning and maintenance to restore their appeal. Soft stones such as Italian Marble and Marble are prone to scratches, they absorb stains and dust making the floor look dirty. No matter what type of floor you have, we have expertise in all types of floor polishing, floor grinding, scrubbing, and cleaning services. We make your floors look as good as new.

How do we work?

To provide the best floor cleaning and polishing services, we start cleaning floors in a series of steps. Here are the steps we follow to clean your floors.

Scrubbing – In this process, we clean stone floors such as the wooden floor, marble, mosaic tiles, and sandstone, among others. The floor surface is cleaned properly however there is no improvement in gloss or shine.

Floor Buffing – In this process, cleaning of floors is done so that shine and gloss can improve. We make use of special buffing pads to make sure the original polish or finish of the floor remains intact. Usually, results are instant on the wooden floor as the delicate finish and texture of the wood are not affected.

Polishing – This step involves scrubbing the floor for removing dirt and dust. It helps in cleaning stains of tea, water, mild scratches, coffee, and other organic stains.

Grinding and Polishing – This process helps in removing a thin layer of the stone floor making use of varied grits and pads on a Single-Disc Machine. It removes tough stains and scratches from the floor bringing back its gloss and shine.

Deep floor polishing – We make use of the most advanced technology, machines, and tools to deep clean and polish floors. The heat from the cleaning machines activates the polishing powder so that the floors look shiny clean.

Shiny Glow can give your floors a complete makeover. We are the renowned floor polishing services in Gurgaon. We will be glad to consult you on all types of floor cleaning, scrubbing, and polishing services. Let your floor cleaning concern be any, we can help you keep your floors impeccably shiny and clean.

You can order us to cleaning the middle, deep and whole home cleaning.

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